Welcome to Cyalume Technologies, where the science of chemical light began more than 40 years ago…


Cyalume Technologies has consistently been recognized as the world leader in chemical light solutions, as well as the leading developer of  advanced technologies and applications.  Military and public safety agencies around the world trust Cyalume for lighting solutions to illuminate, mark, identify and signal in the most critical situations.  For over those 40 years, Cyalume has been the sole supplier of chemical light products to the US Military, and also serves NATO and Allied forces.  Respected names like ChemLight® and SnapLight® personify trust and reliable performance in every use, whether in combat, emergency situations, or everyday life activities.


New advancements from Cyalume include product developments in less than lethal training and marking ammunition, Safe Lane Marking systems to counter the IED/Mine threat to friendly forces and international de-mining operations.  Leveraging our proven technologies and unsurpassed reliability, Cyalume is now making our products available to the everyday consumer.   At Cyalume, we are dedicated to remaining environmentally-friendly in all facets of our business, and contributing to a sustainable future for our planet.


More than just a “light stick company”, Cyalume is an ISO 9001:2008 registered manufacturer that consistently strives to develop innovative products that deliver superior value, while improving and safeguarding lives.  CYALUME…IT’S NOT JUST BRIGHT.  IT’S BRILLIANT.™


Chemical Light Products for Military, Emergency, Industrial and Recreational Use

Razorback Safe Lane Marking System

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